Skate With Us!

Want to try Roller Derby?  

Are you interested in competitive Roller Derby but aren’t ready (or don’t want to wait) for try-outs?

Do you want to play Roller Derby, but aren’t sure you can commit the time?

Do you want to learn Roller Derby at your own pace?

Do you want to play Roller Derby for fun and fitness?

Are you looking to meet some great people and get in shape at the same time?

Are you interested in trying something new in a low stress environment?

Are you a “retired” skater missing some derby time?

Do you want some extra skating time in addition to your current league practices?

Join FairFox Roller Derby!

FairFox Roller Derby is a great league for people of all experience levels to enjoy and learn the great sport of Roller Derby.  From experienced skaters wanting just a little Derby in their lives, to women who have never been involved in sports that want to try something new, FairFox offers Roller Derby for everyone.  It’s the perfect place to get fit, learn to skate, play roller derby and to make lasting friendships.

Think you won’t fit in? FairFox Roller Derby has lots of different people involved.  We are from all over the northern Virginia areas, such as Chantilly, Woodbridge, Fairfax, Fair Lakes, Vienna and more.  We are working professionals, moms and students, and all of the above.  We have those that were athletes back in the day and those that never played a sport outside of gym class.  Diversity is what makes us great, so don’t be shy (but we welcome shy people too), come and check it out. Practices are Monday at 7:45-9:45 PM, with the occasional Saturday at various times.

No prior roller skating or derby experience required.

Contact ** for more details.

I love roller skating!
I love roller skating! 

We are also always looking for referees and coaches who

want to be skateloveinvolved!


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